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SANGROK in Norway

SANGROK in Israel

SANGROK in India
SANGROK in France
SANGROK in China
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Complete the course of Sangrok train !

receive a good prize !

Chandrakant brings his students to Korea again..

Alberto Tifi & Luana Falcioni from Italy

Gaya from Sangrok is participating in the 43rd Foreigner Instructor's course..

Grandmaster Lee Chong Woo pass away

finish the 10 days course, well done Sangrok Mexico

Master Jose won a gold medal in Poomsae Hanmadang

Master Jose from Sangrok Mexico brought team to Korea

Sujay from India, is participating in the Hanmadang Referee course in korea

David Goode and his son from USA visited Sangrok

They are pride of Sardegna

Team from Northern Ireland, Glen Culbert and his friends & students

Recently, a family visited at Sangrok from Bergen, Norway

Finland is a beautiful country

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