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SANGROK in Norway

SANGROK in Israel

SANGROK in India
SANGROK in France
SANGROK in China
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Master John received Jidokwan 4th dan

Master Henrik received Jidokwan 8th dan

Master Henrik & John visit to Sangrok again and again

Xavier & Diego from Spain visited Sangrok

Hardi Follmer from Germany again this year

Master Frank visited with one of his students from Sangrok Germany again this year

Beth Drury (USA) and Shalev & Yoram (ISRAEL) visited Sangrok again

Andr Rocha's club from Japan train at Sangrok

Ganghwa dolmen park. With a historical relic

Abhai Singh from USA visited Sangrok

Mandy & Ivan with their students from Hong Kong

Master Manoz Yonzone from India

Master Manoz Yonzone (Taekwondo International Dojangs) is an affiliated with Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy

Taekwondo International Dojangs is an affiliated with Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy

Nice dinner with good students, Fredrikstad, Norway' 2016

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