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Master Henrik S. Hunstad

The SANGROK gym has become like a second home for me. I'm very privileged to have experienced the training and the spirit of SANGROK. The way Master Chang has taught me, has given me an opportunity to learn high quality Taekwondo. SANGROK represent not only taekwondo to me, but also the best part of Korean culture. I feel honored to call Master Chang my master and friend. Anyone that wants to experience Korean culture at it's best and wishes to train the best Taekwondo, should visit the SANGROK World Taekwondo Academy. The way of Master Chang's taekwondo teaching is a blend of traditional taekwondo and Olympic taekwondo. If you are a beginner, an instructor, competitioner etc, SANGROK gym and Master Chang has something to teach everyone.


Master Henrik S. Hunstad,
International Master Instructor, 6th Dan
Director of SANGROK Norway.

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  Jeffrey Walters(2004-08-10 20:05:57, Hit : 4281, Vote : 864
 Jeffrey G Walters

As a student of Taekwondo and a business traveller, I always try to visit a dojang in what ever city I may be visiting.  Seoul, Korea is, of course, special.  My first trip to Korea was a little intimidating at first.  However, after calling the Kukkiwon and asking them where I can train they referred me to Master Chang and SangRok, I was immediately welcomed into an English speaking school.

The class that I attended that first trip was special.  The class was filled with students who would be testing at the Kukkiwon in a few days for their Poom belt.  The mood was serious - yet I felt included in there pursuit.  It was obvious that these children were not only talented, but appreciative of the opportunity to train in Korea with Master Chang.  The high intensity training was balanced by the unique attitude that accompany's a live-in environment.  I might have missed something by staying at the hotel, but I did see enough to tell you - this place is special.

In my experience, this is an awesome place to experience Taekwondo in Korea.  From Master Chang's opening of class with intense footwork drills to his focused attention to detail in Poomse training, to his helpful comments during sparring - I learned a great deal in a short amount of time.   I can only imagine how I might benefit with a month or two of dedicated training at SangRok.

Jeff Walters

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