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  Rene Adam(2004-10-13 07:53:27, Hit : 6134, Vote : 943
 The Sang Rok Union

I am not really sure, if anyone needs an organisation, federation or anything else in that way. Most of us dont have the time to travel around the world to meet any masters somewhere in the States, India, Austria, Norway or anywhere else on the planet. So I dont know what all these thing are made for.

Here's a list from the website http://www.sangroktkd.com...

Members will receive:

Belt Certification, Seminars for instructors,Coaches, competitors and referees.

*my comment*: I dont need Belt Certifications from a new federation. My promation tests were held in the official german federation and so I also received my dan certifications from the Kukkiwon. I am able to test kup grades of my students by myself over the federation and I need my german dan certifications to get my trainer certifications, referee certification and kup tester certification. So I will surely get my next dan grades in Germany, too. Anything else wouldnt make any sence to me. Seminars for instructors are also held by the german federation and if you want to get the licence you have to visit officiell courses by the german federation. You can also use these licences to get some money from the city sports council every month for your training groups and the sports hall. This wouldnt work with certifications from an "unknown" union.

Discounts on Equipment, Uniforms, training at World headquarters

*my comment*: Discounts are nice, but the postals costs would be so high, that you dont get an advantage of that. What are the World headquarters? The Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy? Master Chang? Master Bolen?

Annual Korea Cultural Tour

*my comment*: Ok, let's meet at Frankfurt Airport in Germany to start the Tour.

International Friendship Tournament

*my comment*: Friendship Tourmament sounds good. It's perfekt for newbies and children to test their skills at Friendship Tourmaments. But who pays the flights for my children group (about 40 kids)? I can ask the parents, but they will kill me.

Certificate of membership,Card,Patch

*my comment*: I dont need this. I rather look at my old pictures of Master Chang and start thinking about the nice time I had with him. Who needs Certificate of membership or Card?


*my comment*: OK

Exchange program

*my comment*: What's that?

Dojang Operators will receive:

*my comment*: What are Dojang Operators?

official sangrok Charter

*my comment*: Why?

Inclusion in SWTU website

*my comment*: That's not a professional website.

instructor certification/Licensing

*my comment*: I dont need that. I need licences of my home country's federation. That's everywhere the same in the bigger taekwondo and sports nations.

Intensive instructor course

*my comment*: Yeah, I would like that. But not in the States. I would ask Master Chang and take a plane to Seoul. It would be the same flight price but much more interessing in the original academy with kimchi and makkolli.

Buisness management,Insurance,tuition collection

*my comment*: Taekwondo is sport and lifestyle for me and not a buisness to be managed. Insurances are not needed in Germany. The german sports federation has it own insurances for every club.

I am not interessed in any new rules or federations. If I want to learn more from Master Chang, I can go to Seoul, if I have the time to stay for some weeks. There I am able to meet more students from all over the world. I love that! You could also invite him to your country for seminars like Master Hunstad does in Norway for his students. But I wont go to the States for a intensive instructor course where Master Chang isn't present.

I hope I will be able to come to Norway in November to meet Master Chang again and I hope that there wont be any new Sang Rok federations in the future. I just love the Academy in Seoul and I am not interessed in any Headquarters around the world. I also like that Master Hunstad has called his club Sang Rok Mudo Institute to show the connection and solidarity to Grandmaster Chang. I also thought about that before. But I would never start up a new global federation with new rules and certifications.

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  The Sang Rok Union  Rene Adam  2004/10/13 6134 943
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