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  Avner(2005-03-14 00:43:16, Hit : 3812, Vote : 630
 [re] Self Defense in Modern TKD

Hi everybody,
We all know the text books only there is a difference between what is writen and what is performed in training. The Kukkiwon and the WTF has neglected the Hoshinsul and one can say that being able to defend one's self is not a significant criteria for grading in modern Taekwondo. Since there are no compotitions in self-defence and since the knowledge in this field is not organized according to established criteria the knowledge is gradually lost as less instructors are familiar with it. Thus it may be in the books, but it is, for the most part, non-existent in the DoJangs.

As for the SangRok style, to my opinion it exists within the limits of the WTF Taekwondo but it is definitely unique and recognizable both in Poomse as well as Kiyurugi. It is my belief that the SangRok community should strive to expand the (narrow) limits of Taekwondo today and give it back more of its martial art essence.

Best, AVner

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