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  Master Chang(2014-07-26 22:31:05, Hit : 19026, Vote : 2400

Here are some useful information for students wishing to come to Sangrok:


1) TRAINING: Two training sessions are provided every weekday - afternoon (around noon) and evening (around 10.30pm). Students are free to do their own training at any time outside of these hours as well.
2) INTERNET: Free unlimited WiFi is available at Sangrok.
3) MEALS: Korean dinner is prepared and served each day. Breakfast and lunch can be prepared by students using rice and basic ingredients provided at the gym.
3) BUYING FOOD: Other basics such as milk, bread, etc can be purchased from E-mart supermarket 5 mins' walk from Sangrok, or bakeries such as Paris Baguette. There are also 24-hr convenience stores which sell at slightly higher price. These are all a few minutes' walk from Sangrok.
4) CREDIT CARD: E-mart & convenience stores (many places) accept credit cards, but make sure you inform your provider that you intend to use your card(s) abroad.
5) CLOTHING: Bring warm clothing for winter, it gets extremely cold (up to -10 C) between December and February and you will need the layers to keep you warm, even indoors. Summers can get as hot as 35 C. A small umbrella would be recommended for the rainy months (July, August).
6) BRING: Lots of t-shirt, shorts and sandals/slippers for summer. Dobok is NOT compulsory for training.
7) BRING: Taekwondo or sports shoes for training and socks. Dojang has taekwondo mats.
8) TOILETRIES: Limited supply of shower gel and shampoo are in the bathroom, left by previous students, bring your own or purchase in e-mart/convenience stores.
9) TOWEL: You should bring your own towel, however, there are towels here should you need one. You are also recommended to bring your own hair dryer if you need it.
10) MONEY: Change some money at the airport for convenience. Cash machines are easily found everywhere, one downstairs of Sangrok gym in GS25.
11) DRINKS: You might want to bring your own black coffee or tea: difficult to find coffee without sugar or ground coffee here. Korean herbal tea are in abundance but not black or green tea.
12) ADAPTOR: Korea uses 2-pin sockets for electrical appliances (same as EU). You are recommended to bring your own adaptor if appliances from your country are not compatible.
13) HYGIENE: Students are expected to wash their own dishes, and a washing machine and laundry powder are available for use at Sangrok.
14) TRANSPORT AIRPORT: Airport limousine bus 6014 takes you from airport to Sangrok and vice-versa. Cost is 9,000 won (around USD$9) and the stop is called Mediheal byeongwon (Mediheal hospital).
15) TRANSPORT SEOUL: Bus 6627, 652 and 6625 opposite Sangrok gym takes you to Hwagok subway station (otherwise it is a 20-minute walk). Seoul subway map and other sightseeing leaflets can be found at Sangrok or online. T-money card (costs 3,000) can be purchased from any 24-hr convenience stores (GS25, 7-11, CU), if you feel you will be travelling frequently, it is useful to purchase one and keep topping it up for public transport and purchases of items in various shops.

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